King & Prince Seafood

Getting Recipe Data Under Control With Food Focused Software

King & Prince has been established in the USA for over 65 years, and decided to upgrade their inconsistent and low-tech approach to recipe development after a couple of close calls with allergen mislabelling.

Having reviewed several possible suppliers, King & Prince chose to work with Hamilton Grant after being impressed with the adaptability of the software. “It was instantly clear to us that the Hamilton Grant templates were incredibly configurable. We’d be able to design the templates to exactly suit our requirements and wouldn’t be limited by the software” explained Tracy McConnell, VP of Technical Services for King & Prince.

Now in place, the Hamilton Grant System is used across the business, and isn’t limited to the recipe development process. It’s used by Category Management, Supply Chain and Customer Care teams to name just a few. Allergen mislabelling is a thing of the past as King & Prince use the Hamilton Grant System to meet US Nutrition Facts label regulations.

Tracy is delighted with the way the Hamilton Grant System has transformed King & Prince’s NPD process cycle time with an incredible decrease in specification review time from ten days to three days, whilst the CAPA cycle time has reduced by an outstanding 50%. And illustrating that the benefits go beyond internal processes, the customer complaint cycle time is a fraction of the 2015 figure of 21 days.

“The Hamilton Grant System is the fulcrum from which data is extracted into other software. It’s really helped streamline our Recipe Lifecycle process”

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