Streamlining A Complex Recipe Development Process

Strauss is a global company with a presence in 20 countries worldwide and headquarters in Israel. They recently embarked on a project to help them replace their cumbersome and inconsistent recipe management process.

Relying heavily on flat Excel files and a range of uncoordinated software programmes, different teams worked in a variety of approaches, which was having a detrimental effect on the productivity of the R&D department.

Dario Arditi, Director of Applications in IT explained that they had two challenges – to find a unified system all business units could use, and for that system to integrate effectively with the Strauss centralised ERP system.

Strauss were impressed with the user-friendly interface of the Hamilton Grant System and the way it could integrate with their existing SAP system. This, in addition to Hamilton Grant’s ability to meet Strauss’s challenge of creating a unified system, meant Hamilton Grant were awarded the contract.

With 1500 SKUs and their associated background raw materials and data sheets, transferring and validating the data was a huge task. The project also needed to account for the additional layers of complexity associated with the cultural requirements of the Israeli market and Kosher compliance. Dario is delighted with how quickly the new software has helped improve team efficiency.

Clear in the knowledge they’ve selected the right partner, the rest of the Strauss R&D team will transition to the Hamilton Grant System over the next 12 months. “The assistance and industry knowledge of Hamilton Grant has been a huge benefit. Their proactivity and insight meant they understood our complex requirements 100%… it’s been a huge shift in the way we operate”.

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