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Medium to Large Food and Drinks Manufacturers

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Bringing great tasting food to the public is your business. And, to do that well, you need access to complete, consistent, and compliant ingredient information from suppliers.

With the HG Recipe Development Dashboard, you will find all of the information you need at your fingertips. As recipes are created and adjusted, that information transforms into labels that meet your market’s regulations standards and specifications sheets that address consumer FAQs.

Feel secure about the ingredient and recipe data you provide to your pipeline, and know your labeling stands up to regulatory compliance, with HG Recipe Development.

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Get access to quality, compliant information.

When you sign up, HG will configure your recipe development account for your business and the markets in which you operate, giving you confidence in the validity of the data populated for your recipes.



HG is your single source of truth for ingredients and recipes.

Have concerns about out-of-date or incomplete ingredient information and data quality? Get ingredient information directly from the source: suppliers submit ingredient specifications themselves through an HG web portal that feeds into your dashboard, and a tailored approval process gives you control over adding and updating ingredients.



Work smarter with a completely integrated and comprehensive dashboard.

Quickly and effortlessly create recipes from the home screen, and instantly see how recipe changes impact label data and other sector-specific information like baker’s percentages, water losses, freezing points, and BRIX for drinks.

Use approvals processes and automated compliance checks to consistently apply standards across all products for labeling, nutrition data, and other mandates.



Knowledge is power. Share it readily.

When you are ready to move to the next step with a recipe, automatically create comprehensive specifications sheets that can be shared with plants, clients, and auditors to review the final product.



Focus on building a stronger business.

Use the extra time and increased understanding of your business to go to market faster with profitable and compliant recipes.

Quickly answer technical questions from customers and auditors, with information centralized in a single, always accessible system. And, integrate with other systems such as ERP to streamline your business further.

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