PIF v6 Portal

PIF v6 system demo

The Australian Food and Grocery Council are moving their Excel based Product Information form from Excel to an online portal.

This page explains how the PIF v6 system works.





Additional fees/points to note:

  1. There is a one off setup fee of $1,200
  2. All the above PIF bands include 2 user licences
  3. If additional users are required they can be purchased for the following annual cost: READ ONLY USERS: $250 each  – FULL ACCESS USERS: $400 each
  4. You can add our Recipe Development module giving you an end to end process from suppliers PIFs to creation of PIFs for your products . As you create recipes the system automatically calculates nutrition, cost, allergens, labelling and more.. The cost to add this module is $5,160 per user per year



  1. How long do I have to sign up for? One year
  2. When will I need to start paying? Payment is due on system delivery
  3. If you are going to bulk import all my current PIFs at the start, what happens if I then need an old Excel PIF importing 3 months down the line? You can import PIF’s individually yourself.
  4. Can I just import all my PIFs individually as and when I need to? Yes
  5. What happens if I forget my password? The system uses standard Microsoft security procedures and passwords can be re-set by the user in the standard secure way.
  6. The data in our PIFs is our companies most important IP, where in the Cloud will they be hosted? The system is hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  7. Will I need training? The system is intuitive, uses standard web functionality that people are familiar with, and is easy to use. So no training is needed, but can be supplied on request.
  8. Ideally I would also like to have your recipe development module. If I start with the basic PIF portal, can I then upgrade to the full system at a later date? Yes, the system is fully compatible with our Recipe development software. The complete system can be built over time in a modular way.