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Restaurant Chains

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This streamlined software gives you the functionality of the Hamilton Grant recipe development platform in package designed specifically for restaurants and the people who run them.

On a single, intuitive dashboard you will develop recipes and scale measurements for plate and servings sizes, determine precise menu pricing based on ingredient costs, and easily access information about the allergens and nutrition of the dishes you create.

Then, store recipes (and all of their associated information) safely in the cloud; easily accessible from anywhere.

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Get to work feeding your customers—and your dreams.

Access a dashboard and account crafted especially for restaurants and caterers to create their masterpieces.



Everything you need in one place, at your fingertips, anywhere.

Effortlessly build a centralized collection and history of your recipes, with access to nutrient databanks, health and compliance information, and your important notes for each dish.



It’s never been easier to turn an idea into a delicious dish.

Add and mix ingredients on the dashboard, and immediately see the impact that every recipe change has on overall cost, calories, allergens, nutrition—whatever information you need to track.



Collaboration with the push of a button.

Automatically create recipe sheets that you can share with colleagues, and publish detailed nutrition data for your menus and websites.



So much time. So many mouths to feed.

Use all the extra time from HG FOR RESTAURANTS to save costs and focus more time on creating craveable recipes for your customers.

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